Thursday Night Group

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A group for teenagers who have experienced sexual abuse

Thursdays 5- 6:30 PM for 6 weeks starting January 25th, 2024,

led by Sonja Wildwood, MA LPCC

This is a mixed psychoeducation and support group for teenagers aged 14-19 who have experienced sexual abuse. Group members will learn more about responses to sexual abuse and ways to work with impacts that are causing distress, healthy ways to relate to others and cope, and receive peer support in a group environment facilitated by a professional mental health therapist. 

*Sonja Wildwood, MA, LPCC is a licensed mental health therapist who enjoys working with  teenagers of all backgrounds. She has many years of experience working with teenagers and their families in individual, family, and group therapy and education formats. Participants can use insurance or pay out of pocket for these sessions. Please reach out to learn more.

Email:  or 218-409-6377 for more information

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