Boundary Setting for Empaths

Here’s today’s featured article: Boundaries For Empaths at the Huffington Post

Oftentimes when I bring up “boundaries” for the first time with someone they noticeably flinch. Many people tend to hold a negative view of the word and may think that boundaries keep our loved ones at arms length or could lead to rejection. I think of boundaries as a set of guidelines to keep a relationship safe, for all parties involved! Boundaries help protect the dyad, encourage it to grow stronger, and are a necessary part of all relationships.

That being said, setting healthy boundaries can be really, really difficult for some people. It takes time, patience, and dedication to the final outcome to stick with it. For people leaning towards a more empathetic personality type, setting boundaries can bring on even more challenges but are so helpful once they’re set. Being an empath, or someone who can feel easily for others, is an amazing quality. But as I say, learn to use this quality for good and not “evil.” This article from the Huffington Post highlights one empath’s journey to finding her own safe route through life and she brings up some great points and tips for others that may be struggling with boundaries in their own life.

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