“The Happiness Project”

I recently listened to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation podcast with Gretchen Rubin, author of the best-selling book “The Happiness Project.” In the talk she highlights the eight guidelines she has come up with to increase happiness in her own life and she shares tons of great insights and reminders of practices we could all adoptContinue reading ““The Happiness Project””

Boundary Setting for Empaths

Here’s today’s featured article: Boundaries For Empaths at the Huffington Post Oftentimes when I bring up “boundaries” for the first time with someone they noticeably flinch. Many people tend to hold a negative view of the word and may think that boundaries keep our loved ones at arms length or could lead to rejection. IContinue reading “Boundary Setting for Empaths”

The Purpose of Depression

I’ve always loved the idea of looking for the function of our emotions, a common skill taught in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT). If we can better understand our emotions and their motivators the more insight and management we can exercise within ourselves. I came across an article which declares that some researchers now believe depression serves a higherContinue reading “The Purpose of Depression”

“Perfect” Parenting

“How to Land Your Kid in Therapy” published by The Atlantic My clients (and their parents) often get stuck on the question of “Why.” For example, “Why am I so depressed?” or “Why can’t I just be happy?” And the unsatisfactory answer is that we don’t always find the key to why someone has theContinue reading ““Perfect” Parenting”

Vulnerability in Therapy Work

I believe that the therapy process requires us to be open and vulnerable with our therapist, but I know for most of us this doesn’t come naturally and can be intimidating, maybe even to the point of backing out of the process or perhaps not starting at all. To get the most out of yourContinue reading “Vulnerability in Therapy Work”